September 2019 to May 2020

Michael Lam

Certified Flight Instructor


Michael Lam was born and raised in Houston Texas. From a young age he has always looked up at airplanes and held a fascination with them. At the age of 14 he had his first flight in a small aircraft. Unknown to him at the time, the experience would stick witch him, giving him the “bug of aviation” that so many pilots get. In 2018 he made the choice to stop his pursuit of engineering and start at a flight school. A year later he finished his commercial single and multi engine ratings, as well as his instructor ratings.


Throughout his training, he got the chance to fly all over the state of Texas, Louisiana, and along the west coast, mainly within the state of California. While his end goal is to work for the airlines, he enjoys sharing his passion with others, helping them find the joys of flying. From a little plane to a big plane, he likes to maintain the philosophy that aviation is one big family, no matter what stage a pilot is in. In his free time he likes to attend local HPDE and other motor sports events or dabbling in small home projects

2005 to May 2020

Joe Nipp

Certified Flight Instructor



April 2019 to April 2020

Justin Wong

Certified Flight Instructor


Justin was born in Houston, Texas and grew up in Spring. His passion for flight came when he went on his first overseas flight to Asia on Northwest Airlines. At nine years old, he received special attention from the crew and received his first pair of wings. In 2012, he graduated from Spring High School, where he dedicated his time to the JROTC program. Justin got his first taste of general aviation when his uncle, a Continental MD-80, captain bought him a discovery flight at Lonestar Executive.

While he was attending college at the University of Houston Downtown, he came to United Flight Systems in 2013 to begin his flight training. He subsequently graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide in Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics. He earned his Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI-A at UFS.

One day, Justin dreams of flying for the airlines. On his free time, he likes to plane spot at Intercontinental Airport and Hooks, travel around the world, and fly to another part of the state of Texas. 

April 2019 to March 2020

Scott Silveira 

Assistant Chief Instructor

Scott Silveira was born and raised in San Diego, Ca by a family with a rich history in aviation.  His father flew F9F-6’s during the Korean War, which initiated Scott’s interest in becoming a pilot.  After obtaining his BS in Chemistry from Northern Arizona University, he accepted a position within the Department of Justice. After much encouragement from friends and family, Scott obtained his private pilot license from United Flight Systems in August 2002. He continued to earn his CFI, CFII, and MEL.


In 2008 Scott started teaching Instrument, Commercial, CFI, G1000 transition, CRM, ADM, high performance/complex, and optical sensor technology to fellow pilots and crew within the DOJ.  In 2013, Scott was assigned Check Airman duties and traveled around the country ensuring pilots were proficient. Scott has flown almost every type of Cessna aircraft with a propeller.  While ensuring their proficiency in handling any unusual situation that may occur during flight, Scott enjoys seeing students progress and reach their goals.  When not instructing, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife of 20+ years, Jennifer, and his son and daughter. You may also find him in the backcountry of Idaho fly fishing and restoring log homes.

June 2019 to February 2020


Certified Flight Instructor


Davina Rachlin, originally from San Antonio, TX, moved here for the sole purpose of pursuing a career in aviation. Having never met a pilot until well into her adult life, much less a female pilot, Davina never even considered aviation as a career option. After multiple ride alongs with her step-father-in-law at his corporate flight job, she was bitten by the flying bug. She thought to herself, “why can’t I do this?” Curiosity led her to book a Discovery Flight over Canyon Lake near San Antonio (which she loved) and the research commenced on how to become a professional pilot. Her aviation pursuit officially started in January of 2018 right here at United Flight Systems with one of her favorite flight instructors she has ever had to date. Davina is proud to say she has found a home as an instructor right back where she started her training. Having experienced a wide array of instructors throughout her training from zero hours all the way through to her instructor certificates, Davina is eager to implement her skills, knowledge, and experiences in order to provide her students with the best flight training she can give them. When not working as a flight instructor, Davina enjoys painting, kickboxing, dancing, bike riding, volunteering at pet shelters, and visiting her family and friends.



Flight Operations Manager

Navil grew up in Abu Dhabi UAE, he moved to Houston when he was a teenager. He has been with UFS since 2011.


Navil got bit by the aviation bug at a very early age and started pursuing his Journey to become an airline pilot. He has achieved PPL, CSEL, CMEL with instrument privilege and his CFI-A.


He finds great joy in building relationships and introducing people to aviation. He can’t wait to share his passion of aviation with students and help them achieve their dreams.

When he is not flying, he write stories and is currently working on completing his first book.


Christian Konzack


Christian's Bio

December '17 to December '18

Cody Ray

Certified Flight Instructor

Cody Ray is from south Louisiana and a well experienced aviator. After completing his Private Pilot license shortly after high school graduation, Cody attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. He also attended a few other local flight schools to complete his instrument, commercial, and multiengine rating. It was at that time he realized he wanted to own and operate a flight school someday. Cody has worked for a few different flight school/FBO operators throughout the years doing a wide variety of jobs. Cody earned his flight instructor certificates in 2016 and enjoys teaching.


Rather than flying for an airline, Cody wishes to gain experience in the flight instruction industry by training the next generation of pilots. When Cody isn’t at UFS teaching during the day, he can be found at night earning an FAA certification and associate’s degree in Aviation Maintenance. In his free time, he enjoys riding and working on his motorcycle or otherwise tinkering around with electronics and mechanical things.


Jason Lee

Certified Flight Instructor

Jason is from Seoul, South Korea who pursues his ultimate career goal as an aviation instructor. Smelling jet fuel soaked inside the cabin as a jumbo jet started up the engine on his first passenger flight in 1996 was when Jason decided to fly for his entire life. 


After graduating from high school in 2009, he initiated his aviation journey by majoring in Professional Flight Technology at Purdue University. After earning all of his certificates and ratings at Purdue, Jason joined University of North Dakota and completed his bachelor's degree in Aviation Technology Management.  With his special interest in aviation safety and human factors, Jason attended UND's Safety Management System(SMS) training and successfully completed the program. 


He then flew a long way down to Texas and continued to work on obtaining his flight instructor certificate with the help of chief instructors here at United Flight Systems. Jason's motivation towards aviation studies and flying is what truly fuels him to train and educate tomorrow's pilots who share the same passion with him.

May 2018 to October 2018


Certified Flight Instructor

CFI / CFII / MEI - Gold Seal Instructor

Jack Ragsdill is from Dallas, TX and was introduced to aviation at a young age.   Growing up, Jack’s eyes were opened to the world of flying through friends and family.  Both grandfathers were pilots and would take him flying. His uncle, who inspired him the most, served as a United States Air Force F-111 pilot.  After flying all during high school and college at Texas A&M, he decided to pursue a full time career in aviation.  Along with his commercial pilot certificate, Jack obtained his CFI, CFII and MEI ratings at another flight school in various US cities.  After instructing for a year, he accepted a position as a ferry pilot for Van Bortel Aircraft. As a ferry pilot he gained experience in a wide variety of aircraft and was introduced to corporate aviation and contract flying. He continues to enjoy the thrill of flying more advanced, high performance aircraft.


Jack has a passion for flying and flight instruction. Seeing the student grasp a concept, solo, or complete a well-earned rating brings him great joy. His sights are set on the major airlines or a corporate pilot position whichever comes sooner.  In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, sailing, camping, hunting, fly fishing, serving with the local church, going on or facilitating mission trips, and any time or activity spent with family and friends.


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