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Get My CFI Back

CFI Reinstatement Program brought to you by United Flight Systems 

How does it work?
If you are one of the many ex-CFI's that would like to get reinstated, we are here to help!  Please call us at any time if you have any questions (281) 376-0357.  In most cases, we are able to get all ratings on your CFI certificate reinstated over three days*.
  1. Email and let us know you are interested in getting your CFI Reinstated.
    • In a perfect world, that email would include your desired timeline.  i.e. - a given month or part of a month 
  2. United Flight Systems will begin the process of scheduling all of the logistics (Plane, Instructor & DPE for check ride).
  3. CFI candidate purchases the CFI Reinstatement package or deposit to finalize bookings and registration.
  4. United Flight Systems then sends the candidate all the information to help prepare them for success.
    • We will share a training plan, areas of knowledge required and expectations for the check ride.
  5. CFI candidate arrives at United Flight Systems and will complete the training and check ride over a three day period.​
What all is included?
At United Flight Systems our CFI Reinstatement is ALL INCLUSIVE** and we take care of everything except your transportation, meals and lodging.  When you arrive, you will only have to focus on your training and getting reinstated. 
Master Instruction (Ground or Flight)
8 Hours
Flight Time (Cessna 182 or Simulator)
5 Hours
Check Ride Flight Time
1.5 Hours
Check Ride Examiner Fee
Hotel Accommodations
*If you had a CFI before November 1, 1975, and lost it, there may be a little extra work to do.  Just call us!  (281) 376-0357
**We have a HIGH success rate with the included hours.  If the CFI candidate needs additional training they will be charged at published rates.

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