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  • Dalton Laine, Multi-Engine-December5, 2021

  • Dylan Nowak, SOLO- December 4, 2021

  • Rushabh Nahar, SOLO- December 4, 201

  • Ziad Aboulmouna, SOLO- December 4, 2021

  • Gloria Jarosso, PRIVATE- December 3, 2021

  • Jaimason Sunderman, PRIVATE- Dec. 3, 2021

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United Flight Systems is now a Cessna Pilot Center.  Cessna Pilot Centers also benefit from a variety of exclusive programs that can help our students be more successful.  More pilots come to Cessna Pilot Centers to get their wings than any other flight school in the country. 

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Liberty University

United Flight Systems is now a flight training affiliate of Liberty University.  That means students at UFS can earn a 4-year college degree and a 1000 hour restricted ATP while using financial aid provided by Liberty University to complete your college courses and flight training.

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United Flight Systems has a long, strong history.  Operating at Hooks Airport since January, 1989, we have graduated 100's of students that have gone on to be airline pilots.  Click Learn More to read our story and understand why we want to help you achieve your aviation goals.

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We have added N908VA to the fleet and it is going to be a great addition to our fleet.  This aircraft has a 230HP engine with a Garmin G1000 and autopilot.  Great paint and great interior will make this a very popular aircraft!  Come see fly it with us!

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Knot My Plane Club

Knot My Plane Aero Club is a flight club intended to give pilots an option for rentals with priority bookings, reduced minimums, simulator time for proficiency, and much, much more!  There are limited memberships, so if you have interest you should click LEARN MORE now!



United Flight Systems uses Flight Schedule Pro for scheduling instruction and plane rentals.  If you do not have an account, please call our flight school so we can set up an account for you.  

(281) 376-0357

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We have added N9040K to the fleet!  It adds to a great group of low wing trainers.  This aircraft has a Garmin 430 and will be good for all of our students.  If you are already flying N30117 or N6199B, this will be just like those awesome aircraft for your training.

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Behind the Prop

Our Podcast is for anyone involved in aviation from GA to professional pilots. Our hosts Bobby Doss is the owner of UFS, and Wally Mulhearn is a pilot for a major airline and is also a designated pilot examiner (DPE). Weekly they tell stories, share lessons & tips on the show.



United Flight Systems offers Discovery Flights and there is no better way to get introduced to the world of general aviation.  We offer a few different options starting at only $85.  You can now buy them online and give one as a gift immediately!