Gordon Morrow

Certified Flight Instructor


Gordon Morrow was born and raised in Houston, TX. From a young age Gordon was inspired by the sight of airplanes and movies like top gun but never realistically considered becoming a pilot. After graduating high school, he decided to try the scientific field like his father, and at 18 enrolled at Sam Houston State University to study Physics while minoring in math. He would obtain his B.S. in three years while holding a 3.9 GPA in his major. However, Gordon wished to apply his skills towards something more hands on. Before graduating, he was offered a position at Texas A&M as a Research Assistant under the tutelage of Dr. Eric Petersen. As a masters student he majored in Mechanical Engineering and studied topics such as heat transfer, numerical methods and material science.


But all that changed after an introductory flight at United Flight Systems that reignited Gordon’s passion for flying. In June 2017 Gordon began training towards his private pilot license, and most recently finished acquiring his CFI license. One day Gordon wants to fly for an airline and has no plans of looking back. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and sports, as well as spending time with family.

Kyle Rorick

Certified Flight Instructor


Kyle was born in Portland, OR and raised both there and Houston, TX. He knew he wanted to be a pilot when he found out at a very young age that his uncle flew for both the US Air Force and Delta Airlines. Upon graduating from high school, Kyle started flight training with no experience and earned his private pilot license in October 2012 here at United Flight Systems. As a private pilot, Kyle loved to take family and friends up and share his excitement of flying. Kyle decided to start University in the Spring of 2013 at Texas A&M University. He graduated from Texas A&M University in December 2016 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and started a career as a Field Engineer with a prominent Industrial Engineering and Construction Company. While there, he traveled across the East Coast and was able to visit with his pilot uncle where Kyle got to hear all the great stories of flying from him. This sparked a newfound passion for flying. In November 2018, Kyle continued his flight training where he earned his Instrument, Commercial, and Instructor ratings here in Houston, TX. Outside of flying Kyle enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Landon Lessmann

Certified Flight Instructor


Ask any pilot how they began flying and you will mostly likely hear a feelgood story.  Landon Lessmann first discovered aviation while taking a discovery flight with his father who is also a pilot.  Without question, he quickly realized that flying was the best feeling in the world.  It’s often said that “if you choose a career you truly enjoy then you will never have to work a day in your life”.  It’s also said that “a mile of highway will only take you a mile, but a mile of runway will take you anywhere”. 


On a mission to “travel the world” and to “never feel like he was working”, Landon’s career path to become a Professional Pilot was decided.  Landon attended Lone Star College–University Park under the iSchool program where he earned his high school diploma, two years of college credits and his Private Pilot’s License by the age of 18 yrs.  He then enrolled in a fulltime professional pilot program where he earned his Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII, and MEI certificates.


Landon passionately believes the following:  It’s a privilege to be a Flight Instructor.  A positive environment with respect, enthusiasm and encouragement makes it more likely that the student will both perform better and learn more. Constant and Never-Ending Improvement is a good pilot’s mantra. 

Jacoby Hale

Certified Flight Instructor


Jacoby grew up in Alaska and the Seattle area, where he began his first career in the culinary field working aboard a cruise ship. After gaining a lot of experience, and a wife, he left the boat and went on to become an Executive Chef in several restaurants, eventually advancing to the role of District Manager for a corporate dining company. Driving under the flight path for a busy general aviation airport every day on the way to his office, he eventually decided to make a huge career change and pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. With the support of his very understanding wife Jenny, and two boys Hendrix and Bennett, they moved to the Houston area to begin flight training and a new adventure. 

Jacoby looks forward to bringing his experience of training from his prior role, along with his passion for aviation and skills to flight instruction. He enjoys fly fishing, cooking, running, sports and spending time exploring with his family in his spare time.

Dawn Largent

Certified Flight Instructor


Dawn Largent was born in China but raised in Houston, TX for the majority of her life. Growing up she had the privilege of traveling over the world, having visited 9 countries and almost every state in America. Despite her father being a professional pilot for 43 years, Dawn was never interested in aviation until recently. Christmas of 2018 she earned her Private Pilot certificate right here at United Flight Systems and hasn’t looked back since. A month later, she started working at the school as an office manager and quit recently to begin UFS’ very first Accelerated CFI program. Dawn has had nothing but positive experiences as a student, renter, and worker here at UFS for the past 2 years. 


Prior to starting flight training, Dawn trained in a ballet company and took classical piano lessons for 10 years. She taught piano out of her home as well as tutored chemistry and algebra in high school. She quickly learned how much of an impact the “right” teacher can have on students’ readiness to learn. 


When she’s not flying, Dawn can be found finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, hanging out with friends, and playing with her pets, Bernie & Trump.

Kent Bolton

Certified Flight Instructor


Kent began flying in 2015, after graduating high school and hasn’t looked back. He was given the choice of going to a big college or to stay local and begin flight training while attending college. He picked the better choice and continued on to achieve his private pilot certificate and associates degree in business in 2017.


Kent began working as a ramper here at UFS in 2015 while working on his ratings. He eventually transferred over to Bush Intercontinental airport to work for an FBO on the corporate side of aviation. While hanging out with the big jets, he got to work with many famous travelers including JJ Watt, Phil Mickelson, the Vice President of the United States, and many more. In the meantime, he obtained his Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine rating. After given the opportunity to enroll in first-ever UFS accelerated CFI course, Kent packed his stuff up from IAH and took the chance to become a CFI. Weeks later, he got his certificate and is now more ready than ever to teach the next set of pilots.


On his off time, he enjoys playing sports, traveling, and hanging out with his 4 dogs. Kent’s goal is to become an airline pilot and has recently obtained a conditional job offer with Express Jet Airlines, which he very much looks forward to.

John Cordero

Certified Flight Instructor


John Cordero was born and raised in Puerto Rico. His father introduced him to the world of aviation at an early age, taking him to the international airport in San Juan and stare at airplanes taking off and land, and he fell in love really quickly with airplanes. He studied two years in college but realized aviation was his true passion. He moved to Houston to dedicate himself to this career.


He continues to pursue this career all the while sharing his passion with others. His goal is to provide a safe environment and a positive, fun experience on each flight. He strives for students to have as good of time flying as he does.


Outside of aviation, John enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games, and going to the gym. He looks forward to flying for an airline and traveling as much as he can.

Matt Nichols

Certified Flight Instructor


Matt was born into a large family in upstate New York and raised on a dairy farm, where he learned the value of hard work from an early age.  Despite not having any connection to aviation at all, he developed a love of airplanes and aviation at an early age.  Following his graduation from college, he earned a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps.  He deployed multiple times, including a combat deployment to Iraq.  During his tenure in the Marine Corps, he also spent time as an instructor, overseeing portions of the training for nearly 40,000 recruits during their time at “boot camp” at Parris Island, South Carolina. 


In 2006, he moved with his wife Tiffany to her hometown of Tomball, Texas.  He went to work in the healthcare industry, and later the oil and gas industry.  With the downturn in the oil and gas industry several years ago, Matt took the opportunity to reevaluate his career path and decided that the time was right to pursue his aviation goals.  He went back to school and obtained an additional B.S. degree in Aeronautics from Liberty University, while at the same time earning his pilot certificates (including his private pilot’s license right here at UFS).


Matt and his wife have four children with ages ranging from thirteen to five years old.  He and his family are active in their local church and he enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, shooting, reloading, gardening, and of course flying. He’s thrilled to now be back at UFS to help train the next generation of aviators.

Alex Konzack

Certified Flight Instructor


Alex’s fascination with aviation began early on in his childhood. Growing up with a father who was a professional pilot, their family traveled often, and Alex soon decided the pilot life was something he wanted down the road. He spent a couple years working on the ramp at United Flight Systems while training and obtaining his AAS in Aeronautical Technology. Following, he began as a CFI/CFII sharing his love for aviation and teaching for 15 months.


In July 2019, he was fortunate enough to get a taste of the airline pilot life with ExpressJet obtaining his ATP Multi with a type rating in the Embraer 170/190. Despite the Covid-induced economic downturn and ExpressJet’s closure in September 2020, Alex returns to United Flight Systems with a still-burning desire to teach students and pour back into an aviation community that’s given him so much.


Apart from flying, he enjoys spending time with his wife, family, friends and serving at his church. He hopes to one day return to the airlines and eventually fly international wide-body trips with United Airlines.

Chris Lane

Certified Flight Instructor


As a child Chris enjoyed attending airshows with his father and building model airplanes.  At 14 years old, Chris soloed a glider with the help of the Civil Air Patrol, and the Soaring Club of Houston.  Several years passed and the “itch” was again scratched in the wide-open plains of the Texas panhandle.  Here, Chris earned a private pilot glider certificate followed by private pilot airplane certificate while attending college for mechanical engineering.

Chris returned to Houston to exercise his engineering degrees in the oil industry but seized every opportunity to “commit aviation” when able.  During this period, Chris added-on an instrument rating, a commercial pilot airplane certificate, and enjoyed many hours flying the AA-5B Grumman Tiger and LS-4a Glider which he co-owns.  Thanks to the recent pandemic, Chris was given the opportunity to spend more time focusing on flying and pursuing flight instructor certification.

As a career-changer, Chris understands the challenges that a young adult may be faced with when asking that fateful question: “What am I going to do with my life?”  He hopes to share his love of aviation to empower enthusiastic and motivated students crush their goals, rise to greet their dreams, and exceed their own expectations of what a great pilot can be.

When not flying (or studying aeronautical knowledge material), Chris enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife and daughter.

Jack Harvey

Certified Flight Instructor


Jack was bitten by the aviation bug and hasn’t recovered.  He was born and raised in Houston, graduating with a B.S. in Economics from Texas A&M University and an M.A. in Criminology from the University of Houston.  While serving in the U. S. Navy and as a lieutenant in a large metropolitan police department, Jack has pursued his flying passion as a hobby.  Jack also served as a field training officer (training rookie police officers) and enjoys teaching and mentoring others.  Jack currently owns a Cessna 182 and enjoys swapping stories with others on the joys and tribulations of aircraft ownership and providing transition training.  Under the mentorship of UFS senior instructors, he has earned his flight instructor certificates over the past year and looks forward to sharing his love of flying with students.


When Jack is not flying, he enjoys spending time with his wife Pam and his young sons, Abe and Charlie.  Pam and Jack met while training for the 2005 Houston Marathon, and still enjoy running together.  Eventually Jack hopes to transition to a career with the airlines, exploring the world.



David grew up in Houston.  He began his passion for flying as a child, often riding his bicycle to Andrau Airpark (unfortunately, Andrau is now a golf course) to watch airplanes.  After earning his Private Pilot Certificate at 17 years old, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Prescott, AZ) granted David a B.S. in Aeronautical Studies/Computer Science.

David has been related to United Flight Systems since 1990.  He is the school’s Chief Flight instructor, serving that position since 1996 (with some breaks).  He was in corporate aviation as a director of flight operations for a Part 91 Flight Department for 26 years.

When he is not teaching, he out flying for Southwest Airlines as a First Officer.  He is type rated in Cessna 500 Citation, Cessna 510 Mustang, Cessna 525, Cessna 560XLS, and Boeing 737.

His wife, Yolanda, and children, Diego and Maya keep him occupied when he is not out turning Avgas or Jet-A into noise.




Giovanni (or Gio for short) was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He caught the aviation bug at the age of 7 when a Southwest Airlines captain let him explore the cockpit of a Boeing 737 during a layover. It was there that he decided he wanted a career in Aviation. Using money he saved from working at a local grocery store, he took a discovery flight at the age of 16 at United Flight Systems where he eventually earned his CFI and CFII. Giovanni then moved to College Station, Texas and attended Texas A&M University where he majored in Economics. After spending multiple years instructing in between classes at the Texas A&M flying club, he gained an interest in air traffic control and was eventually hired by the Federal Aviation Administration as an Enroute Air Traffic Controller. After graduating from the FAA academy in Oklahoma City, he was placed at Houston Center giving him the opportunity to come back to United Flight Systems and instruct where he first learned to fly. When Giovanni is not instructing or issuing vectors, he spends his time running, hanging out with his yellow lab Duke, cooking, or binging a new show on Netflix. 




Paul Alfaro grew up in Southern California. He found his passion for flying at a young age when his dad would take him all over the world using his travel benefits from Continental Airlines. At 17 years old, he began flying and later teaching at a local flight school. Paul later became a Training Captain with Ameriflight flying the PA31, PA32 and the EMB120. After flying a CRJ with Comair he was hired at his dream job, Continental Airlines, now United.  He has been most recently a B737 Captain but has also flown all over the world as a First Officer in the B757, B767 and the B747. 


Paul attended Southern Illinois University, Carbondale where he earned a BS in Aviation Management. Teaching has been a passion of his for many years. He looks forward to helping the next generation of aviators any way he can. When not flying Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 sons. They love traveling, skiing, karate and just hanging out.




Jason Cooley was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  He has had a lifelong fascination with aviation and took his first flying lesson here at David Wayne Hooks Airport in 2001.  After graduating from Kingwood High School, Jason attended the University of St. Thomas and Midland College, earning degrees in Finance and Aeronautics.  In addition to Houston, he has lived and worked in Albuquerque, NM, Newark, NJ, New York, NY, and the Washington D.C. area.  


Jason has flown for several Part 135 and Part 121 carriers, flying both cargo and passengers.  During his time at these companies, he has held the positions of First Officer, Captain, Ground Instructor, Simulator Instructor, Check Airman, and Aircrew Program Designee.  Jason has been fortunate enough to fly multiple types of piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft, both domestically and internationally.  He currently flies for United Airlines and holds B767, B757, B737, and DHC-8 type ratings.  


When he is not working, Jason enjoys music, movies, mountain biking, and volunteering with the Commemorative Air Force and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.  He once saw a MiG-28 do a 4G negative dive. 



Gary drank the “Aviation Kool-Aid” in the late 1960’s and became “addicted” to flying.  He obtained his CFI-A, CFI-I, CFI-ME in Atlanta and Houston during the 1970’s to pursue a career as a professional pilot.  After several positions with corporate flight departments, he took a hiatus from aviation in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s to pursue a career in information technology.

Gary returned to his aviation career in 2007 and became an instructor with United Flight Systems for several months before taking a position as an air charter pilot with a local Houston firm.  He rejoined UFS in 2014 as operations manager.  In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking, hiking and photography.



Bobby has always been interested in aviation, but for one reason or another didn't take a lesson until he was in his 40's.  Bobby took his first lesson on May 3, 2015, at United Flight Systems and has been learning ever since!  Growing up in the area he has always seen planes flying overhead.  

While pursuing his commercial license he considered buying a plane to lease back to United Flight Systems.  That conversation about a leaseback turned into a full acquisition with his partner and fellow UFS student, Matt Shaunty in May 2018.  Bobby acquired Matt's portion of the business in September 2020.

Bobby has thoroughly enjoyed learning the business and working long hours in the evenings and weekends to start making improvements to the school and the fleet.  When Bobby isn't at the flight school he can often be found on the golf course watching his son or playing with his son or friends. Bobby has been married to his wife Tammie for 25 years and they have two children Emily (20) who is going to University of Texas studying business and Blake (16) who is a student at Klein Cain High School.  


Tel: 281-376-0357


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United Flight Systems opened on January 21, 1989 and has been teaching people to fly ever since.  Hundreds of airline pilots started flying at United Flight Systems!


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