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Reflections from a recent Multi-Engine Add-on

Many of our students are working on their private pilot's license, and I absolutely love to see them grow as aviators. Hearing about that first landing they made with "no help from the instructor" or that day they solo and cut the back off of their shirt signifying they don't need help from that instructor any longer to the special picture we take of every rating accomplishment. For me personally it has been longer than most to get this far, and I am finally working on my instructor ratings after getting through my multi-engine rating this past January.

So what did I learn while transitioning to twins? There is a lot more than twice the work going on and while I always thought two engines were safer, I am not sold on that anymore. The biggest thing I learned though, every student should take any portion of training as seriously as they can. Read every word in books and never assume "that won't happen to me", whatever "THAT" might be!!! In the twin, things can go bad quickly and you have to assume throughout that something could go wrong and you have to react quickly to ensure the safety of everyone on board. I had help from the amazing Multi-Engine Instructors from United Flight Systems and really enjoyed N998DM! Fly safe and work with a team that won't just help you pass a check ride, but truly prepare you to become a safe, professional pilot no matter what you are going to fly!

Finally, I learned it really isn't cheap! There is twice the expense and then some to operate a twin. Often I see people looking for the most "affordable" flight training option. If I see that and I think they really mean "cheapest" I giggle, but what does affordable mean. The dictionary says reasonably priced. If that is what you are looking for then United Flight Systems is where you should come for your training. N998DM is the nicest light twin in Houston used for training purposes and has air conditioning! While it's hourly rate might not be the lowest in town, we have a team consisting of 8 MEI's and also have a full-motion simulator that can be configured as a twin. That combination means that if you want the most complete training and to accomplish your rating while spending the fewest dollars overall, we should be able to help you accomplish both! Come see us!

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