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Your VA G.I. Bill and United Flight Systems



Chapter 30 - Montgomery GI Bill

For years, United Flight Systems (“UFS”) has proudly provided flight training to veterans under the Montgomery GI Bill. Under this bill, the VA reimburses you for 60% of your flight training hours (both solo and dual) for any rating you seek above the private pilot license. The maximum amount your VA benefits will pay is determined by the lesser of your VA benefits still available or the FAA Part 141 approved benefits for the particular rating sought.


Chapter 33 - Post 9/11 GI Bill

United Flight Systems also provides flight training to veterans for ratings above the private pilot license under the Post 9/11 GI Bill.  This program provides benefits up to a yearly amount (currently around $13,000) depending on your length of service in the military.



To determine which program might be best for you, please review the Veteran’s Administration website. This site has very helpful information and resources such as the Benefits Comparison Tool and a Comparison of Monetary Benefits.




By the time you enroll you and United Flight Systems will know what program you will enroll in and how you will receive your benefits.  After that, application and enrollment are easy! Just come into UFS with your “Certificate of Eligibility” and we will enroll you in the appropriate FAA Part 141 Course (Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII, MEI or ATP). In most instances, you should already have a "Certificate of Eligibility" and know the amount of your benefits and when they expire. UFS does not have access to this information and cannot obtain it for you. If you do not have this information available, call the VA at 1-800-827-1000 and ask for a benefits counselor. You will need to have your DD-214 form available or your social security number.



After your first flight in any program, an enrollment certification is sent by UFS to the VA for initial processing. Paperwork takes only a few minutes at the start, and your most important obligation is that you must fly a minimum of 6 hours per month or 18 hours over a 3-month span to continue to qualify for benefits. Additionally, you must maintain a valid Class II Medical Certificate throughout your entire enrollment period.



Throughout the course of your training, you and your flight instructor will be required to sign each invoice at the conclusion of your lesson. At the end of each month, these signed invoices are submitted by UFS to the VA. In some cases, payment will be made directly to you.  In that case, be prepared to expect a 90 to 120-day delay for the first reimbursement to appear, but following that, you should receive payment on a monthly basis. Payments are made directly to you at your home address and are not seen by UFS personnel. If you suspect that payments are not being properly made, UFS can contact the VA and receive a cost computation on your behalf. Because reimbursement goes directly to you, we do request that you keep your account current with us. UFS does not extend credit on the basis of expected VA reimbursement. When enrolling ensure you also have your birth certificate and/or passport available for us.



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